Saturday, October 29, 2005

There's a First Time for Everything

Even me blogging! I'll begin with the ground rules. Comments are welcome but anonymity isn't. If you want your views posted I need to know who you are. I also request that we keep it clean. I want to discuss not cuss!
As I cross the Sherman Minton the view of downtown New Albany is one of contrasts. On the one hand I see the century old plus buildings that have a history that most of us know very little about. On the other a half block away there is construction underway on a new modern structure will probably not last half that long.
I lived on Main street for a while in a house that had been refurbished and was amazed by the fact a few short years prior it had been viewed as bulldozer fodder. Instead someone with vision and resourses had returned it to much of its former grandeur.
I hope as a community we can attract others of like vision to the downtown area to the same. In this time of high fuel prices I revel in the fact that for the most part I have access to all that I need within walking distance of my home. I'd much rather shop and dine in New Albany that fight the traffic of either Clarksville or Louisville.