Sunday, February 05, 2006

Urgent Response Needed for Toll Road Issue

The Governor of our fair state is proposing to lease control of the Indiana Toll Road to a foreign entity/entities. I personally think it is not only stupid but a dangerous precedent to allow any public infrastructure to be controlled by any foreign anything. Once it starts, where is it going to end?? Definitely not a good plan for any reason.

This proposal has already passed the state house of representatives and is on it's way to the Senate. If we are to have any chance to stop it, we need to call and write our elected government oficials NOW!!

Here is a copy of an Email that I sent to the Governor today;

Please be advised that as a CDL holder, an Indiana voter, and a citizen of these United States of America, I am adamantly against the sale, leasing, or in any other fashion transfering control of any public infrastructure to any foreign entity regardless of the reason.

I feel that the precedent endangers not only our short term security but our long term soveirgnty as a free nation.

Please reconsider your stance on this issue and find another way to accomplish your goals.

Sincerely,Lloyd Wimp
New Albany, IN

What follows are links to our elected officials website and/or Email addresses;,William%20C.h72d

It may be that in my old age I am just getting antsy or I just no longer trust that government at any level has our best interest at heart. Nevertheless I cannot stress enough how dangerous a precendent I feel this sets for our future as a free nation!

Please call or write your representatives ASAP!