Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Lights Are On..But Apparantly, Nobody's Home!

It seems that the full time city attorney proposal is back on the council's agenda and it makes no more sense now than it did when last we spoke of it. To repeat (again), a one person city law department is going to solve none of the city's lack of code enforcement issues.

Further, since the administration did not request an increase for more staff for that department in the 2007 budget, there is likely less money in the till for that purpose than there was previously given the higher costs of everything since last year.

Ah, but this is only one of many reocurring and unresolved issues New Albany citizens face.

Groundhog Day (the movie) comes to mind as does the insanity of doing the same thing, the same way repeatedly and expecting different results.

Many of the council members complain that needed information is withheld from them but seem unwilling to do the legwork to find answers to questions. Perhaps rephrasing the question would help? But NO! "If it ain't in my packet, which I won't bother to open until I get to the meeting in question, I ain't gonna go ask nobody to explain it to me! I'm just gonna plant my feet, cross my arms, and blame whomever happens to come to mind first!"

Many in the administration say that the council can have whatever information it asks for provided they ask the right questions. Perhaps clarifying specifically what the council is seeking and then providing it in a timely manner would help? But NO! " If they want more specific data, they can track down the individual who can give it to them on their own time. If that person happens not to be available for comment at that time, too bad! Furthermore, we ain't volunteering anything!"

Then we come to the public at large. Many complain about barking dogs, trash, utility rates, taxes, slumlords, crime, potholes, and our governments inaction towards all of these issues & more. We say amongst ourselves that "We gotta do something!" Perhaps taking the time to go downtown and talk one on one with our city's leaders or attending the various public meetings and expressing ourselves like adults would help? But NO! "It is their job to provide me with what I want out of them regardless of the fact I've never told them specificaly what that is! I shoudn't have to be aware of what is on the agenda for a particular meeting! Furthermore, I shouldn't have to pick up the phone and tell anybody that there is trash in my alley or that my house is on fire, or that the street just caved in and I reserve the right to complain to all who will listen about their failure to act upon it!"

You will note (I hope) that I said many, not all, in these three secenarios. Are any of them true? Unfortunately yes. All of them are to one degree or another.

So now I pose two questions for your consideration and I request that you post your answers in the comments section. Please be specific.

Question #1; What do you want out of your city government?

Question #2; What are you willing to do to cause it to happen?

I eagerly await your answers and discusssion.