Friday, October 19, 2007

Holy Time Warp Batman! Where did the Year Go???

Oh that's right! I took a Sabbatical these past 9 and a half months and partook of surgery x4 (three of which were apparantly to fix the screwups of the first one), followed by a series of chemo and radiation treatments.

I now have first hand (or ass) experience of just how a microwave oven works. The concept of being cooked from the inside out was at first hard to grasp but during the last week of radiation, I had a revelation come upon me that provided clear understanding. (and I thought sunburns were uncomfortable)

At that point I went directly to plan B. I told the medical team when this ordeal first came up that when the cure got to be worse than the disease, I would resort to Single Malt Scotch and a comfortable chair in front of either my computer or TV.

So being true to myself, I said thanks but no thanks to further barbequeing, popped the cork on a bottle of 12 year old Glenlivet that I've been saving for at least 6 years, and proceeded to get back into life.

Seemed like a jolly good idea at the outset but it's become quite evident in the past two weeks that there's a lot of stuff I haven't touched since January.

Ahh but have no fear. If the scotch holds out, I'm quite sure I can get most of it caught up before I go back to work in January!

If not, I'll move on to plan C which is ( I'll take care of it the very next opportunity I get!)

By the way the post sunburn bloodwork shows no indication of any of the "big C" markers let in the old bod. Nice try boys, but you've once again failed to keep me down.

This is a reoccurring theme in my life that I'll attempt to explain some day but for now suffice to say I'm back in the saddle.

Funny thing, when one of the current Coucil members was told this last evening his response was "God help us!" Timid buch aren't they?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Calling Local Media !! New Albany Does Exist.... or Does It ??

Throughout this current campaign season I've noted several indepth Q and A articles in the Tribune with candidates such as the one in yesterdays edition with the Jefferrsonvilles' nominees for Mayor.

These articles have included candidates from several of our surrounding communities.

However, unless I missed them, I have yet to see such involving New Albany's candidates. There have been the occasional clips from time to time concerning the hot button issue of a particular day, but nothing that even closely resembles the article I referenced above.

So now I ask the questions. Do the local papers editors or its reporters not feel New Albanys' as newsworthy or important as the rest of our area?

Can they not find the time to track down our nominees and interview them?

Could it be that our Candidates do not feel that it is important for us to go to the polls as informed voters?

Or worse yet, do our Candidates just not have a platform concerning this citys' future to put before us?

Sadly my take is that all of the above are complicit in creating this situation.

So the question here is the same as it is for many of our woes. How do we break this deadlock?

Or better yet, do we really want to?


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"You Ain't the Boss of Me!"

Excuse me sir but there's a train coming.

I'll stand here if I want to!

I understand, but there's a train coming.

I have my rights you know!

But sir, there's a train coming!

You ain't gonna dictate to me where I can or cain't stand!!

But sir, please, there's a trai....................



Friday, October 05, 2007

The Campaign Continues......

Silver Grove Neighborhood Association hosted a "Meet the Candidates" forum last evening at which Republican mayoral hopeful Randy Hubbard, 4th District runner David Abersold, and 5th district nominee Dick Bliss spoke and answered questions from those present.

Turnout was light but that did lend itself to an open discussion atmosphere among those present probably moreso than would have been the case with a crowded room.

The biggest disappointment was the absence of the press. They'd been invited but failed to make an appearance. Once again, our "local newspaper" appears to care less.

All three speakers were enthusiastic and hopeful about New Albany's future under their tenure if elected but spoke in general terms on how to accomplish the tasks ahead.

Randy Hubbard sited his experience in law enforcement in both the city and county venues. He pledged to maintain an open door policy, find the best person for the particular job for his administrative positions, and fire them on the spot if they failed to perform.

When asked if he had picked anyone to serve on his administration as of yet he said no. He continued that his first task was to get elected. He would then concentrate on finding the best qualified and experienced person to fill a given position.

I asked him about enhancing code enforcement and reinstating a city court. His response was that the cost/return ratio for a city court was ineffectual but indicated he wanted to have a well staffed law department to prosecute offenders through superior courts already in place. He confirmed that there are plans underway to have at least one if not two more superior courts in place by 2009.

When asked about further privatization fo city services he incicated that when such is farmed out, much control is lost by the city.

Mr. Abersold assurred those present that his primary focus would be on those in his district and to do that which was best for New Albany.

Mr. Bliss sited his former experience as a council member and his desire to serve the entire city. He also voiced concerns about storm water and trash issues in not only the 5th district but all of New Albany as well.

I expressed my frustration at the present governments' failure to communicate and to withold pertinent information from each other and the public on the issues before them. I then asked them all if they would put forth a concious effort to change that dynamic.

They all responded in the affirmative and promised to remain available to answer questions the public may have.

They were further asked if they individually would be open to attending perhaps quarterly meetings with various neighborhood groups to discuss issues and concerns specific to that particular area.

All three expressed not only a willingness but a desire to work with neighborhoods, blockwatch groups etc.

All in all it was a productive informative evening albeit limited in its scope. None of them expressed a specific step by step plan for how to accomplish a specific objective. All however pledged to do their best with whatever they find to work with if elected and to remain open to suggestion.

SGNA will host the Democrat Candidates for a similar forum at their November 1st, 2007 Meeting.

Note, there is a debate between the 3rd district Council Candidates (CM Price & Ms. Sharlow) scheduled for Oct. 10th, at the Muir Center on Market Street.

Now, where's my breakfast beer?